Fruit & Veg Straws with Coconut Oil

Fruit & Veg Straws with Coconut Oil

Fruit Veg Straws With added coconut oil


A narrow tasty vegan treat. Meat, sugar and fat free. 


Available in spinach & apple, sweet potato & blueberry and peanut butter & banana

Items will be allocated at random unless specifically requested

Suitable for dogs with kidney issues who require products low in phosphorus


Customer review on behalf of 16 year old Kiah "they are stored in a fairly cold room so this one was a little more “breakable” rather than chewy (my fault), so I’ll just make sure they are a little warmer next time, but it’s perfect for her while the others have a rabbit ear....if Kiah can do it at 16+ and with various teeth missing including one of her canines"


Product contains nuts



Sweet Potato Flour, Pea Flour, (Purple Sweet Potato Flour 5%, Dried Blueberry 0.6%,)(Dried Apple 0.6%,Dried Spinach 0.6%)(Dried Banana 0.6%, Real Peanut Butter (does not contain xylitol) 0.6%,) Coconut Oil 1.5% Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Glycerin,Dried Brewers Yeast, Calcium Carbonate