Joint Protect

Joint Protect

Joint Protect


From Efficaci Vitamins & Nutrition

This 100% natural joint supplement, is a super complementary supplement from CurcuVet a turmeric derived ingredient.


Has anti imflammatory properties

90 capsules

Can be put straight in food in capsule food, or capsule opened and sprinkled over food. 


From Anne: 

I gave this product  to a dog owner as a trial for an older GSD. The dog had been on no supplements at this point but could benefit from something. After a month trial this is the response I received "So Lohr will shortly complete his product trial. Our general consesnsus is that he is feeling very full of himself again! If he charges about overly much he can still display some stiffness but defintely not to as great an extent as he used to, and he remains happy & interactive wheras before he would mope in the bedrooom. The overall imfalmmatroy effect of the curcumin however is superb, he ran out of his Apoquel for his allergies yet hasn't returned to licking & chewing himself, and his nose and ears which were starting to flare when we began the trial have settled right down. Usually his nose gets worse and worse until he needs 6 weeks on antibiotics. So can we get hold of another tub for next week?! :)  I don't really want to put him back on Apoquel is something else is working to stop the incessant licking xx" 


I think you can agree that is an incredible reaction to such a wonderfully simple supplement!