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Annnnnnd..... we're back into lockdown again!

The first lockdown was ok. The weather was good, our dogs could spend plenty of time outdoors, long walks and sunbathing were the main activities.

Second lockdown wasn't too long, we knew it was only a month, so nothing much changed.

This third lockdown is quite different. The weather is vile, certainly in Sussex anyway, the mud feels like its knee deep and we are indoors far more.

So what are we doing differently?

I'm certainly trying to get in more short lead walks in in the daylight and on tarmac, less mud that way. I'm lucky that I have one oldie and one that can't go off lead, as well as much active working boy. Tag and I are still racking up the canicross miles, just finding it harder going as the ground gets wetter! Running on wet sand and ankle deep mud is great for those leg muscles!

Indoors, the dogs are getting more chews to use up time, does mean I'm having to watch their food intake so they don't put on weight.

Christmas has been fun for my dogs this year. Tag helped to unwrap lots of presents with great enthusiasm, we just had to watch how enthusiastic he got!! Its been nice for them this year, normally I spend so much time travelling around at Christmas, this year they got to keep me!

I'm back to my usual full time job (teacher) in a week, I've enjoyed time at home with the dogs, but it's got to be done.

Hope you have all managed to find ways to enjoy the lockdowns.

Stay safe,

Anne x

Anne x

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