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Canicrossing Fun!

It's been very interesting observing the dog communities since lockdown began. In my village I have seen a lot more dogs being walked than usual, maybe owners not working now have more time? As most are aware there has been a surge of puppies being bought, I so hope this was done for good reasons and not as time fillers.

I have not been able to continue my usual agility, obedience and hoopers lessons until recently. In the meantime I have been doing many extra canicross miles, mainly with Tag my chocolate dog, meeting lots and lots of new people. Tag and I regularly do a 2 mile short circuit around my village but recently have upped our distance, achieving a 10km milestone at the weekend. This week I'm doing a selection of shorter ones so my legs don't die!!

For anyone not sure what Canicross is, let me explain...

Tag wears a harness, not the same as a standard harness, the fit must be right so not to interfere with breathing. I also wear a harness, it fits around the hips and waist. Tag is attached to my harness via a bungy line...and we run! Anywhere! We've done hilly runs, beach runs, ankle deep mud runs, flat runs on the Downs Link, and the Muddy Dog Run for Battersea.

I'm not built 'like' a runner, quite the opposite, but its great to see all sizes and shapes of humans and dogs running. If its something you would like to try, find your local Canicross Facebook page and they will always give you friendly advice.

The photo was taken 2 weeks ago near Arundel, running around Swanbourne Lake. I had only planned to do 5km, but lots of not-so-gentle-but-friendly banter got me to do the extra and achieve 8.5km.

Hope you are all enjoying your dogs as much as I am (as I prepare to go running with Tag & Finn tonight for a short, flat 5km recovery run)

Stay safe,

Anne x

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