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Dog Stop Beginnings

My childhood dream was always to work with animals. As a family we had labradors and I went horse riding. I loved being outside and with animals.

At 16 I started training at Bellmead Kennels, which is now Battersea Dogs Home - Old Windsor. I then worked at various kennels, learning more and more.

At 18 I got my own dog, a 6 month old lurcher, Mickey. He was such a funny dog, I loved him so much and all his silly ways.

Since Mickey, I've had Suki, another lurcher, Jess another lurcher, Pip a staffie cross, Whizz a Jack Russell, Finn another lurcher and Tag a Labrador cross collie. Quite a variety! Oh and Sooty the horse!

So, how did Dog Stop come about?

When I got Tag he had a very unsettled tummy and it took many months to get his diet right. In the end raw food was the only option. Then I had the problem of what treats I could give him. I looked about and struggled to find what I really wanted, so I looked into wholesale, buying bulk, and selling some! And so Dog Stop began!

Little did I know of the path this would take me. Researching the best products to sell. Tag and Finn and Whizz have thoroughly enjoyed being part of Dog Stop research so far and take their role of Testers very seriously.

The Dog Stop ethos is very important to me... "If I wouldn't give it to my own dogs, I wouldn't give it to yours."

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