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Going Back Into Lockdown?

Not really the news we all want to hear, but it was inevitable really.

I know a lot of my customer's dogs do dog sports of some type or other, be it agility, obedience, canicross, football, scentwork, HWTM etc. and now a lot of it has to stop again (just as we had all got started 😳). So what will we do instead?

I'm finding new ways to enhance my dogs' lives inside, now it's also too wet to be out all the time.

I'm making the most of LickiMats and stuffed KONGs using Pure Paté as a tasty healthy treat. I've also started using bybenji biltong as high value treats, and my goodness! my dogs can't get enough!

All of these things I sell in the shop.

I love teaching my dogs new tricks. My 3 are so different (size, mentality, brain power, enthusiasm) I have to think how to teach each trick in a different way. Tag is crackers! He just wants to work work work, with little pause for breath. Whizz has never been taught a huge amount, so she's having to learn to learn! Finn is a completely different kettle of fish. He wants to learn, but every little thing takes quite a while to go in and stick. Its during these training sessions I really want a high value treat and the bybenji biltong training treats are really small, so you can jackpot without giving a whole meal!

As you can see I have a plan for my dogs now we can't do as many activities as normal. What will you be doing as extra bonuses with yours?

Stay safe, happy and look after yourselves & each other.

Until next time,

Anne xx

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