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Goodness Me! I've Won an Award!

It's always nice to hear people say positive things about Dog Stop, and this has been the icing on the cake.

A few weeks ago I was contacted to be informed I had been nominated for a small & medium business award. What a wonderful surprise!

So I got busy, completing my submission. One task was to collect customer testimonials. That was a really lovely task, so many positive reviews.

Submission done.

A couple of weeks passed and an email appeared with news. Now time to wait for the phone call.

Amazingly I found out after 100s of nominations being reviewed I had won!

Prestige Award 2020/2021 Winner - Online Pet Treat Shop.

Dog Stop has been open less than a year, so this was pretty fantastic, and humbling, to receive.

It turns out the comments about me on the nomination were particularly personal and that I had 'clearly made a big impact of this person'. Wow. I have to admit my eyes leaked a little, so so wonderful to hear people have said such kind things.

Following this, I am continuing to work harder than ever to make Dog Stop the best treat shop for you, my customers.

Thank you 😊🐾

P.S. I'm pretty damn proud 😊😊

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