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Hot, hot, hot!

Whoa it's hot!

I'm so glad it never lasts for too long, I couldn't cope.

The Dog Stop Crew have been struggling in the heat as much as everyone. Whizzy, the old girl takes a while to cool down, but she's happy to dip in the paddling pool to help.

Finn, a lurcher (saluki x GH) loves the heat and will sunbathe for hours, but this is too much even for him.

Tag is actually surprisingly sensible. He hates being hot and will regularly dig in the paddling pool to splash himself to cool down.

So what extra things can you do for your dogs?

I sell LickiMats which can be spread with something soft and frozen for the ultimate treat. I love Slurps for this. Extra goodness in them to help hydrate too. There are lots of things you can add to a LickiMat, and they don't need to be frozen.

Tag and I are away in the caravan for half of this week, I really hope it cools down, my freezer isn't big enough for frozen treats!

Stay safe everyone, not only from Covid, but the heat too. Remember dogs don't die from missing a walk, but they could from having one!

Photos are how the Crew are keeping cool.

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