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It's been a busy few weeks here at Dog Stop HQ. I've been continuing to search out the best products for you and your dogs, as well as searching for specific products that have requested. So far I've been 100% successful with requests!

It's been so lovely to get lots of positive reviews, all are 5* which is fantastic! I aim to provide fast, efficient service with a very fast turnaround... who likes to wait?! We've been in lockdown for around 14 weeks now, and the joy of receiving a parcel at our doors hasn't waned!

One of my most popular products has been CosyDogs harnesses. These Y shaped harnesses have been proven to be far better for our dogs movement as the straps do not go over the shoulder, therefore restricting the natural movement and reach of the dog. We can't ask for more than that. The colours are wonderful, bright & vibrant, and the colours don't fade, I should know, I've washed mine loads of times!

My in house testers, Finn, Tag & Whizz, have continued to work diligently through lockdown, taking their role very seriously. They are thrilled when a new parcel arrives, particularly if it's a treat delivery, of course, they have to test the products!

The weather is definitely variable at the moment, with some comfortable warm days to incredible heat. A great way to help your dogs to keep cool, is to freeze treats (yoghurt, mashed banana & peanut butter is fab) on a LickiMat. Licking is known to be soothing for dogs, its relaxing as well as boredom busting. I have a variety of LickiMats in stock, for a variety of sizes and toughness of dogs!

I'm currently awaiting an order of a new product 'Slurps'. This is an aid to hydration, incredibly useful with the heats we've been having. Available in chicken or beef, this drink encourages dogs who don't drink enough, to take on more liquid. As Tag & I Canicross regularly (see photo), I am very aware how much Tag needs to drink. I also use it on agility competition days to help give him more energy when he is tiring. I'm really looking forward to being able to supply this for you.

Most of you won't know that Dog Stop is not my full time job, I'm a teacher too, so still working hard. I endeavour to answers texts, messages, emails as promptly as possible and I have roped in my two adult sons to do the postage runs during the day in between their work shifts. A true family business.

So here we are, Sunday, a day of rest, time to recharge our batteries for the week ahead.

Take care everyone & stay safe,

Anne xx

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