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Introducing the Dog Stop Testers

Hi all,

My name is Anne and I am the owner/founder of Dog Stop.

I have had a passion for dogs and horses my whole life; my family always had dogs and in adult life I have been lucky enough to own a superb Dales horse.

At the age of 16 I trained at Bellmead Kennels (now Battersea, Old Windsor), learning so much about dogs and the dog world. My eyes were opened to my future.

Since then I have owned a variety of dogs; I was 18 when I got my first lurcher, Mickey. This began my love of lurchers. Since then I have had lurchers Suki and Jess, and currently Finn. (If you are interested in joining a lurcher community look no further than the Lurcher Appreciation Society on Facebook, a really wonderful supportive group of this unique 'breed'.) I have also owned a staffie x, Pip. My current crew, and the all important testers at Dog Stop are: Whizz, a Jack Russell terrier, Finn, a very handsome black lurcher, and Tag, a chocolate Labrador x Border Collie.

I do a variety of sports and activities with my dogs, continually seeking to keep them stimulated and to promote good behaviour. Finn & Tag do agility, obedience and Canicross. Tag and I regularly cover many miles. Whizz, as a 12 year old, has now retired from agility, but still enjoys accompanying the rest of us Canicrossing off-lead, and she has just begun her Hoopers career, and very successfully!

And just to add to all of this, I co-own Jump n Touch Agility Club based in West Sussex!

So there you are, the Dog Stop crew!

If you have any questions about my dogs or any activities I do with them, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Anne x

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