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The Start of Lockdown 3 Ending

So finally the third lockdown is easing. Rules are changing, things are moving back towards some sort of normality, but as we all know, it'll only continue if we follow the guidance.

I have actually enjoyed the lockdowns to a certain extent. They've helped me to reconnect with the activities I really enjoy, and amazingly I've made new friends! Tag and I have continued to add miles and distance to our canicross activities, we've had to buy a new harness as the old one had lost all its padding. ZeroDC short in case you're wondering.

Finn doesn't enjoy the longer distances, he's a 7k max kinda dog, much prefers a sprint! And Whizzy at now age 13 is just too old!

What I have heard a lot of during lockdown are the huge amount of dog thefts, really rather worrying. That's why I have been so pleased to have been able to source some leads with a carabiner clasp. Much more difficult for a would-be thief to quickly unclog your dog. These lovely leads, plus others will be coming online in the next day or so.

The easing of lockdown means all my dogs can return to their classes. Whizz will go back to doing Hoopers, Finn to obedience and Tag to agility & obedience. Most definitely a stimulated dog is a happy dog!

Hope you are all continuing to be in good health and enjoying your dogs,

Anne x 😊🐾

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