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Everything has opened back up! At last a sense of normality is returning to our lives. For me that means returning to all our various training classes: hoopers for Whizzy, obedience for the both the boys and agility for Tag.

When we are training the canine crew all need some really good treats; to get good results they must be high value. Also I have to consider the needs of each of my dogs. Let's break it down:

Whizzy is 13 now and although in excellent health, she is missing a couple of front teeth. She is also tiny, only 6 kg. So I have to consider treat size and texture for her. She'll happily eat anything but for a quick reward something small and soft is essential. She also needs something that will go in her clam ball. For her we use Pure Pate or grain free fish treats.

Tag is a labrador x, and as expected, will happily eat anything, although his tummy doesn't like grain. He can lose focus at agility if he doesn't understand an exercise so high value is essential. Again I use Pure Pate for him for tricky bits. For obedience, he needs very small lower value treats I can scatter as he gets loads! For obedience we use grain free fish treats.

Finn is a bit trickier to train. His prey drive is incredibly high so I have to have high value to get and keep his attention, but then smaller treats to be able to give multiples of. So for Finn I use Canice Grassland Lamb treats and Grain Free fish.

You will see I use the grain free treats a lot! They come in 500g bags for only £6 so I feel I can use a lot without worrying. Also they are a healthier option than a lot of the most known brands in high street stores.

For me, treat choice is essential to train my dogs. I won't work for a poor wage, so why should my dogs!

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